Dear Publisher,
Our records indicate that you have no Form W-9 on file although the address listed on your account is a U.S. address.
To continue receiving your paymentsand comply withIRSrequirements, you need to complete your Form W-9 within the next 30 days. Please note thatyour earnings could be withheld at Google’s discretion if you don’t update your tax information within 30 days.
What should I do?
Please follow these instructions to update your tax information within the next 30 days:
  1. Sign into your AdSense account.
  2. In the left navigation panel, clickSettings.
  3. ClickPayments.
  4. ClickManage settings.
  5. ClickUpdate tax information.
  6. On this page you’ll find a tax wizard that will help you to select the appropriate form for your tax situation. All of the forms are available to submit online, and instructions for submitting any other forms offline are also provided.






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